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Aliquis A1E
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Aliquis A1E Aliquis A1E

The brain child of Anders Teo, an electric superbike/cafe racer and of course using the ISR hub steering.

This project started in 2013 with the idea to build a prototype electric superbike. The bike uses a Yasa 400 electric motor, sevcon controller annd 110 LiIon cells. This gives the bike a power of 126 bhp and 328 Nm of torque, putting this in a 200 kg bike means it has some serious perfomance.

To give the bike the chassis it deserved the hub steering has been mounted to an ISR designed frame and uses Öhlin dampers.

Even if the bike has been designed for high perfomance, its 95 k range and 5 hour charging time means it can be used as a daily driver for most people.




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