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Gordon's chopper
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Gordon's chopper A true showstopper - Gordon's green chopper

It�s not often, but every now and then you stumble upon a bike that is just perfect. At a first look this is simply a stunning motorcycle. Then, when you get down on all four (pardon the pun), you discover just how much love and thought that has gone into this spectacular chopper. It is something of an incarnation of the original 60�s chopper, but brought back to life in the 21st century � classic lines sprinkled with modern functionality.

The bike is built by one of the Swedish custom bike gurus, Gordon Rooth. His CV contains numerous of award winning bikes and he�s been working together with other big names in the custom community, such as Jesse James at West Coast Choppers. Back in �99 he returned to Sweden, after working for a while out in La-la-land, and teamed up with another pair of bike builders extraordinaire, the Nor�n brothers of UCC. Gordon is now one of the guys behind the world renowned Unique Custom Cycles.

This green chopper is based on a UCC chrome molly steel frame. Gordon has also been using other UCC products such as the hubs and the +6 degree triple trees. The triple trees are hugging a set of modified Harley FLT +14� fork legs. The attention to detail has been very high throughout the entire project. Have a look at the stainless steel inserts for the rear axle, the mounting of the sissy bar to the frame, the cut outs for the drive belt in the Jesse James rear fender, the extensively modified Zodiac gas tank complete with a Pop-Up gas cap from Tolle and the list goes on.

The engine is something of a mix of old style HD components, except that everything is brand new. The polished S&S engine cases is set up with a 4 5/8" stroke, combined with a set of Axtell 3 13/16 cylinders the outcome is 105 cui. Inside the engine you�ll find 8� Carillo con rods with JE pistons. To top it off Gordon has been putting in quite an effort to get the Flat Head Power dual carb (Mikuni HSR 42�s) knuckleheads to blend in well with the rest of the engine. You�ll get an idea just how the twisted(?) customising mind of Mr. Rooth is working when you realise that he�s spent over 100 hours on the knuckleheads re-building the cooling fins(!) to get the right kind of look. That level of commitment always deserves all the respect you can give. That�s uncompromising customising at its best.

Another customising trick is the polished oil filter, which people normally takes for a generator, or even a starter engine, but no, it�s just about the prettiest oil filter you�ll ever see on an ol� Harley chopper. Speaking of polished. The entire ISR brake system has been polished. Gordon has been using our latest 4-piston calipers both front and back. The cast iron rotors are zinc plated to keep �em shiny.

The power from the engine is handled by a KT-components inner primary with a Bandit clutch and Rivera chain kit. A 6-speed RevTech gearbox is set up in a std gear case. A JIMs trapdoor and Joker Machine hydraulic clutch activator make sure that shifting goes smoothly. Last stop in the drive train is made up by a 1� belt drive that spins the Akront aluminium rim.

You could continue to list parts for a very long time, but in the end it�s all about how the parts have been put together. Gordon knows how to do that. His green chopper with the classy flame job is a professional built showstopper. Now there is nothing wrong with having your bike built by a professional, especially if the pro in question listens to the name of Gordon Rooth.

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Classic retro styling, perfectly executed

Gordon and them looong legs

A gas tank on fire

Polished ISR clutch M/C and twin carbs on the left side.

Can you imagine the effort of getting this shiny again after a rainy day. Looks real good though.

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