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A true Monster
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A true Monster Tobbe's track day tool

The Ducati Monster was something of a trendsetter when it re-invented the naked sports bike category in the early 90’s. Based on the Ducati superbikes, the 851 and the 888, the Monster was a revelation to ride. However, Ducati cut a few corners when designing this bike, to make it easier to ride and service for the average motorcyclist. It was never intended for outright track racing, even though there was a Monster racing series in Italy (of course). So, when Tobbe - a fanatic from the Swedish Ducati Club - decided to prepare his Monster for track days, he “un-cut” those compromising corners… and then some.

The first Monsters, up until the new frame in the late 90’s, is well known for their “monster wiggle”. The back shock isn’t up to the job of inspired riding and the front fork has no adjustment. To allow for a proper air box Ducati also cut off a couple of frame tubes, as compared to the 888, not improving the overall stability of the Monster model.

On Tobbe's Monster (M900 -95) those frame tubes have been welded back on to the frame, combined with other frame bracing. The rear end is completely swapped for more rigid items: a JMC swingarm, CNC’ed suspension linkage and a custom made fully adjustable Ohlins shock absorber. The rear brake system is also re-designed for more controlled operations.

At the front the fork legs have been swapped for fully adjustable and more stable Ducati 996 items, kitted with Ohlins springs and oil. A set of custom made ISR racing triple clamps, reducing flex to a minimum and improving the feel for the front suspension, holds the new fork legs in place.

Tobbe has also replaced the wheels for Honda CBR rims, going down to a 5” rear with a 160/60 tire to improve the “flickability” of the Monster. “I wanted to go with magnesium rims, but I sort of ran out of money”, Tobbe says.

In line with the “no compromise” kind of attitude this modern café racer is equipped with top of the line ISR brakes in front - A huge set of fully floating cast iron discs with a pair of 6-piston racing calipers. Tobbe admits: “the bike has actually got a bit too much braking power as it is. I’m looking forward to try the new adjustable ISR radial M/C to be able to play around with the brutal stopping force I have now.”

Tobbe is riding the Monster on the street too, although with all unnecessary parts removed he’s trying to stay clear of the known police hot spots. “I love to go out on the B-roads and try to find as many corners as possible during my rides. This bike is a keeper for sure”, Tobbe says with a smile. We understand him; you should never sell a Monster this mean… It would hunt you down and kill you.

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