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The ISR discs are available in five major types: full or semi floating, one piece solid or drilled and sprocket discs. Furthermore, we offer the unique service of custom making discs to whatever size, offset, bolt pattern etc you desire.

All the ISR discs are made to the highest standard, machined out of Swedish steel bar and not out of sheet metal.

  Product list:
 Standard ISR discs
 Custom made ISR discs

23A-SU320-01 Full floating 320 mm, Suzuki

Brakedisc types


     23A-series : Fully floating
Full floating discs, intended for racing and performance oriented use. Unlike a vast majority of discs the ISR disc can be rebuilt to "as new" in order to restore disc float to original specifications. If required, as on all the ISR discs, both disc carrier and rotor can be ordered separately.

     23B-series : Semi floating
Semi floating discs, to be used on heavier bikes such as Harleys, customs and touring bikes, where the performance and added complication of the fully floating disc tend to be somewhat of an overkill.

     23C-series : One-piece solid drilled
One-piece solid drilled discs, offering a low cost alternative with a clean and classic look, not seldom used at the rear of choppers.

     23D-series : One-piece solid
One-piece solid discs, for off road use � pad savers without sacrificing performance.

     23E-series : Sprocket disc
Sprocket disc, for use with our sprocket caliper. The sprocket discs only come in 2 sizes (46 or 48 gearing) with a bolt pattern matching Harleys. Sprocket discs can�t be custom ordered.

     23F-series : Damped
Latest development for street use. Designed to reduce the wear on the buttons as well as remove the rattling noise.

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