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22-032   6-piston caliper
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The original 6-piston caliper, originally created back in -89. Since then it's been improved and still offers a top of the class power to weight ratio.

The caliper is designed with six separate "pockets", each with its own pad.

This caliper has been used for a variety of applications: two up front on bigger bikes and a single on lightweight road and drag racers, as well as in the rear of both drag and custom bikes.

We recommend a 17.5 mm master cylinder for a pair of these calipers and a 14 mm M/C for single use.

22-032 6-piston caliper

Technical data
Part number
(Click on Part# to view image)
22-032-AA (RH) H-D, from -00, large disc
22-032-AB (LH) - " -
22-032-AC (RH) H-D, from -00, std disc
22-032-AD (LH) - " -
22-032-OA (RH) Brembo 40 mm bolt dist.
22-032-OB (LH) - " -
22-032-OC (RH) GSXR, OW01
22-032-OD (LH) - " -
22-032-OG (RH) FZR
22-032-OH (LH) - " -
22-032-OK (RH) ZXR
22-032-OL (LH) - " -
22-032-OM (RH)
22-032-ON (LH)
22-032-OO (RH) CBR 900, std disc
22-032-OP (LH) - " -
22-032-OS (RH) CBR 900, 320 mm disc
22-032-OT (LH) - " -
Piston diameter 30 mm (x6)
Piston material Tufram coated aluminium alloy
Pad type ISR 29-001 (x6)
Pad area 31.8 cm2
Swept height of disc 33 mm
Disc size 292 - 320 mm
Depending on appl., contact us for details
Disc thickness 4.5 - 6.0 mm
Hydrualic threads M10 x 1.25
Weight incl. pads 0.80 - 0.96 kg
Depending on appl., contact us for details
Surface finish Clear anodised

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