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22-036   2-piston caliper, Light weight
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The 22-036 caliper was designed with only one goal in mind: LOW weight.

The needed heigth of the swept disc area is only 27 mm, so the weigth of the matching disc becomes minimal too. The one bolt fastening system relies heavily on the v-grooves on the mounting point (see inserted section in picture).

This is a rear brake system for those that hardly ever uses the rear brake.

22-036 2-piston caliper

Technical data
Part number
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22-036-OA (RH)
22-036-OB (LH)
Piston diameter 25 mm (x2)
Piston material Tufram coated aluminium alloy
Pad type ISR 29-002 (x2)
Pad area 7 cm2
Swept height of disc 27 mm
Disc size 100 - 300 mm
Disc thickness 4.6 - 5.0 mm
Hydrualic threads M10 x 1.25
Weight incl. pads 0.24 kg
Surface finish Clear anodised

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