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22-046   6-piston sprocket caliper
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Six piston sprocket caliper, with integrated bracket, for use with the combined sprocket/disc unit which leaves the other side of the wheel free and uncluttered from assorted brake paraphernalia.

22-046 4-piston caliper

Technical data
Part number
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Piston diameter 25 mm (x6)
Piston material Tufram coated aluminium alloy
Pad type ISR 29-002 (x6)
Pad area 20.9 cm2
Swept height of disc 27 mm
Sprocket size ISR 23E-480-02 (48 teeth)
Disc thickness 9 mm (530-sprocket)
Hydrualic thread M10 x 1.25
Weight incl. pads 1.05 kg
Surface finish Clear anodised

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