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22-KSM   Brake kit, Super Motard
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Complete brake kits with disc, caliper and caliper bracket for Super Motard conversions.

The clearance between disc/caliper and the spokes of the wheel dictates whether a 6-piston or 4-piston caliper can be used.

The Husqvarna kit can also be used on other European motorcycles with WP forks.

If you use a non-standard wheel hub for your bike we can always help you out with whatever bolt pattern and disc offset you need.

22-KSM Brake kit, Super Motard

Technical data
Part number
(Click on Part# to view image)
22-KSMHO-01 Honda, 6-piston caliper
22-KSMHO-02 Honda, 4-piston caliper
22-KSMKA-01 Kawasaki, 6-piston caliper
22-KSMKA-02 Kawasaki, 4-piston caliper
22-KSMSU-01 Suzuki, 6-piston caliper
22-KSMSU-02 Suzuki, 4-piston caliper
22-KSMYA-01 Yamaha, 6-piston caliper
22-KSMYA-02 Yamaha, 4-piston caliper
22-KSMHU-01 Husqvarna, 6-piston caliper
22-KSMHU-02 Husqvarna, 4-piston caliper
Disc diameter 320 mm
Clearance needed
(between disc centre and spoke)
31 mm for 6-piston caliper
35 mm for 4-piston caliper

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