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21-010   Master cylinder, Rear
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The 21-010 rear master cylinder is intended for sports and racing bikes.

There are three bodies and two reservoir types to choose from. The reservoir can either be made as an integrated unit or with a plastic tube acting as reservoir. The bodies can have the outlet inline with the M/C bore, or in a 90 degree angle from the cylinder bore.

This master cylinder is suitable for installations with two piston calipers, up to 34 mm diameter pistons, or four piston calipers, up to 25 mm diameter pistons.

21-010 Master Cylinder

Technical data
Part number
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21-010-OA 90 degree outlet
21-010-OB 90 degree outlet
21-010-OC Straight outlet
21-010-OD Straight outlet
21-010-OE Integrated reservoir (11 cm3)
Cylinder diameter 14 mm
Reservoir capacity 22 cm3
Hydrualic thread M10 x 1.25
Weight 0.12 kg
Surface finish Clear anodised

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