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21-011   Master cylinder
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The 21-011 master cylinder comes with two different cylinder diameters, 14 or 17.5 mm, for use with clutch and/or brake.

The 14 mm M/C is suitable for installations with a pair of two piston calipers, up to 34 mm diameter pistons. The 17.5 mm M/C is more suitable for a pair of two piston calipers with 43 mm diameter pistons and also pairs of four or six piston calipers.

It is equipped with leverage adjustment to be able to control the feel of the M/C. You can also order the 21-011 with adjustable reach to the lever.

21-011 Master Cylinder

Technical data
Part number
(Click on Part# to view image)
21-011-OA (RH)
21-011-OB (LH)
21-011-OC (RH)
21-011-OD (LH)
21-011-OI (RH)
21-011-OJ (LH)
21-011-OK (RH)
21-011-OL (LH)

Swap the "O" with an "A" to get the part number for lever with adjustable grip.
For example: 21-011-AB

Cylinder diameter OA/OB/OI/OJ 17.5 mm
Cylinder diameter OC/OD/OK/OL 14 mm
Reservoir capacity 11 cm3
Hydrualic thread M10 x 1.25
Weight 0.39 kg
Leverage ratio Adjustable: 5:1 - 3,8:1
Handlebar size OA-OD 25.4 mm diameter
Handlebar size OI-OL 22 mm diameter
Surface finish Clear anodised

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