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21-012   Radial master cylinder
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This master cylinder is intended for street fighters, supermotard and similar bikes. Thanks to the innovative design, it has a very large range of brake power adjustment. It also has a quick change mount for the lever assembly. Adjustable grip reach handle is standard. Very easy to adjust, both power range and grip reach, no tools needed.
Available in 15.87mm.

For a more detailed description please read the Technical Presentation (PDF-document)
21-012 Master Cylinder

Technical data
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Cylinder diameter OA/OB
Cylinder diameter OC/OD
17.5 mm
Reservoir capacity 10cm^3
Hydrualic thread M10 x 1.25
Weight 0.46kg
Leverage ratio 3:1-6.6:1
Handlebar size 22 mm diameter
Surface finish Clear anodised

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