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21-013   Radial master cylinder, Custom
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Now you can experience the improved "feel", that comes with a radial master cylinder, on your custom bike. The 21-013 series can be ordered with a 14 mm or 17.5 mm diameter cylinder, depending on what calipers it is set up with on your bike.

This clean looking item, with integrated reservoir, comes as either a brake (-OA) or clutch (-OB) master cylinder.

Combine it with our handlebar clamp electronic switch assemblies (73-100) for a clean looking handlebar on your custom bike.

21-013 Master Cylinder

Technical data
Part number
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21-013-OA (RH)
21-013-OB (LH)
21-013-OC (RH)
21-013-OD (LH)

Cylinder diameter OA/OB 17.5 mm
Cylinder diameter OC/OD 14 mm
Reservoir capacity 18 cm3
Hydrualic thread M10 x 1.25
Weight 0.59 kg
Leverage ratio Adjustable: 5:1 - 3,8:1
Handlebar size 25.4 mm diameter
Surface finish Clear anodised

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