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21-014   Radial master cylinder, Racing
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This fully adjustable radial master cylinder, intended for racing, is the very latest addition to our range of master cylinders. It has been race proven with success by our Swedish 250 hero Fredrik Watz.

The 21-014 series radial cylinder offers leverage and grip adjustment. Adjustment is made with easy access manual controls, no tools needed. It can even be adjusted while riding the bike.

It is constructed using different "modules", allowing for various parts to be swapped after crash damage without having to swap/bleed the entire system.

For a more detailed description please read the Technical Presentation (PDF-document)

21-014 Master Cylinder

Technical data
Part number
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Cylinder diameter OA/OB
Cylinder diameter OC/OD
17.5 mm
Hydrualic thread M10 x 1.25
Weight 0.44kg
Leverage ratio 3:1-6.6:1
Handlebar size 22 mm diameter
Surface finish Clear anodised

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