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71-004   Clutch lever (wire), Universal
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Universal clutch lever assembly for 22 mm diameter handlebars.

For the moment we only have this lever for 3.5 mm cables. Please, get in contact with us if you need this lever for other clutch cable sizes.

The distance between the cable attachment point and the pivot point is 25mm on the OA/AA and 34mm on the OB/AB

It can be ordered with adjustable grip reach as well as the standard reach.

71-004 Clutch lever (wire), Universal

Technical data
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71-004-OA (LH)
71-004-AA (LH) Adj. grip
71-004-OB (LH)
71-004-AB (LH) Adj. grip

Wire max. 3.5 mm diameter
Wire nipple 8.75 mm diameter
Weight 0.25 kg
Handlebar size 22 mm diameter
Surface finish Clear anodised

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