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Gallery - History

There is nothing new about hub centre steering. In the history of motorcycles there have been many bikes using many different designs. But the bike that influenced me, and I think many other motorcycle builders, was the glorious RCB-engineered Elf-Honda, designed by de Cortance. Also my personal heroes, the crew at Mead and Tomkinson with their Nessie, in it's different forms, whose relaxed attitude to racing I was fortunate to experience during some endurance races where also the ISR-team participated.

When the 500cc Elf-Honda appeared in the GPs I predicted the soon demise of the telescopic front fork, I must admit that I was wrong. But during the years I have kept a feeling that this is the way to go, and when the Harrier was to be built, I took the opportunity.

Given the result of our testing, the bike was performing flawlessly with just the advantages that should be in the theory. This convinced me once again that hub centre steering is technically superior, given a proper development I am sure it can out perform the tele at the highest level of racing.

This is why I decided to ad the NS2 hub centre steering to the ISR range of products, to give bike builders the opportunity to build their own bikes with this system.

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