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22-052   6-piston caliper
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The original 6-piston caliper, originally created back in -89. Since then it's been improved and still offers a top of the class power to weight ratio.

The caliper is designed with six separate "pockets", each with its own pad.

This 130 mm bolt distance fits the Yamaha R1 and Yamaha VMAX.

We recommend a 17.5 mm master cylinder for a pair of these calipers and a 14 mm M/C for single use.

Product sheet (PDF)

22-052 6-piston caliper

Technical data
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22-052-OA (RH) 130 mm bolt distance
22-052-OB (LH) - " -
Piston diameter 30 mm (x6)
Piston material Tufram coated aluminium alloy
Pad type ISR 29-001 (x6)
Pad area 31.8 cm2
Swept height of disc 33 mm
Disc size 310 - 320 mm
Disc thickness 4.6 - 6.0 mm
Hydrualic threads M10 x 1.25
Weight incl. pads 0.95 kg
Surface finish Clear anodised

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